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The MCP3208 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) combines high performance and low power consumption in a small package, making it ideal for embedded control applications. The MCP 3208 features a successive approximation register (SAR) architecture and an industry-standard SPI™ serial inte..
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MCP4725 I2C DAC Breakout Development Board Module
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The MCP4725 is an I2C controlled Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC). A DAC allows you to send an analog signal, such as a sine wave, from a digital source, such as the I2C interface on the Arduino microcontroller. Digital to analog converters are great for sound generation, musical instruments, and m..
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The module (Micro SD Card Adapter) is a Micro SD card reader module, and the SPI interface via the file system driver, microcontroller system to complete the Micro SD card read and write files. Users can directly use the Arduino IDE comes with an SD card to complete the library card initialization a..
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Micro Switch with Roller Lever
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This Micro Switch with Roller Lever is a small snap action switch with a round wheel at the end of a lever.The lever is used to press a tiny momentary push button. These switches can be used to create bump sensors for your robot or as limit switches for other projects. They are SPDT Single Pole Doub..
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    MICRO USB female DIP switch DIP 2.54mm。 MICRO USB ( 5pin, B type, female connector ) to DIP (2.54mm pin pitch) Board Thickness:1.6mm. Base Material:FR4. Color: Green    ..
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This Mini Breadboard is a great way to prototype your small projects! With 170 tie points there’s just enough room to build and test simple circuits; They’re also great for breaking out DIP package ICs to jumper wires! If you run out of room, no worries, these mini breadboards can be sna..
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Mini RS232 MAX3232 Level To TTL Level Converter Board Mini RS232 MAX3232 Level To TTL Level Converter Board
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A converter board for electrical levels Chip Model: MAX3232CSE Voltage Range: 3~5V Max.  Baud Rate: No more than 120kbps  Dimension: 15.875mm x 9.398mm x 2.54mm..
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MOC3043 IC - Zero-Cross Optoisolator Triac Driver IC..
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This is a MT8870 DTMF Decoder Module. The module offers a 3.5mm audio connector to connect an audio source. The DTMF Signal in the audio source is decoded and the digital outputs on the module, indicate the key pressed. You may connect a phone to the module and the module will output the key(0-9, *,..
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The 555 Timer is the one of the most versatile linear hybrid Integrated Circuit (IC) which is used in variety of pulse generation, timer and oscillator applications. The 555 is a highly stable device for generating accurate time delays or oscillation. Additional terminals are provided for triggeri..
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NE555 is a Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module Square Wave Signal Generator. The output frequency range is selectable. Duty cycle and frequency is not separately adjustable, adjusting the duty cycle will change the frequency. Single channel signal output, the output square wave duty ratio i..
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Dual ultrafast power diodes in a SOT78 (TO-220AB) plastic package. These diodes are rugged with a guaranteed electrostatic discharge voltage capability.   Datasheet  ..
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