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Xd-16 Laser Head Laser Module Sensor Module Xd-16 Laser Head Laser Module Sensor Module
2 - 3 Days
XD-16 laser head laser module sensor module..
Rs. 112.10
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The XL4432-SMT wireless module is designed by Silicon Labs' Si4432 B1 Edition chip, which is a complete, compact, low-power wireless transceiver module. Si4430/31/32 devices are highly integrated, single chip wireless transceivers on ISM band, that operates in the 240-960 MHZ frequency range, has a ..
Rs. 466.10
Ex Tax:Rs. 395.00
XL6009 module is a non-isolated step-up boost voltage converter featuring adjustable output voltage, high efficiency. It converts input voltage of 5-32V DC to an output voltage of 4-38V DC. Specifications Input voltage: between 5 V and 32 V Output voltage: adjustable between..
Rs. 129.80
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Yellow LED-SMD(1206 Package)  Pack of 10 Leds This is Yellow SMD LED in 1206 package...
Rs. 35.40
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Pack of 5 diffused Yellow LEDS5mm diameter660 nm wavelength1.85-2.5V Forward Voltage, at 20mA current250 mcd typical brightness..
Rs. 5.90
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