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Development Boards

Development Boards

Buy the latest and popular development boards including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone etc at competitive prices.

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8051 Development  Board V3 2 - 3 Days

8051 Development Board V3

This Development board provides an easy and low cost way to develop projects on 8051 Microcontroller..

Rs. 1,150.00

Arduino/Intel Edison Grove Base Shield

As an expansion board, Base Shield V2 has many Grove connectors, making it convenient for you to use..

Rs. 995.00

BeagleBone Black

Beaglebone blackSpecifications:Processor-AM335x 1GHZ ARM@ Cortex-A8 512MB DDR3 RAM 4GB 8-Bit..

Rs. 4,250.00

BeagleBone Black Basic Kit

The Beaglebone Black Basic Kit contains the following components: Beaglebone Black ..

Rs. 5,295.00

BeagleBone Black Advanced kit

The Beaglebone Black Advanced Kit contains the following components: Beaglebone Blac..

Rs. 5,695.00

CHIP - $9 Computer Out Of Stock

CHIP - $9 Computer

Update [19th July, 2017]: The folks at CHIP are building a newer version of the CHIP based on their ..

Rs. 1,495.00

D1 Mini Development Board

The development board is based on the WiFi-SoC ESP8266 and is made for fast Internet-of-Things (IoT)..

Rs. 310.00

Digispark ATtiny85 Development Board

The Digispark is an Attiny85 based microcontroller development board similar to the Arduino line, on..

Rs. 145.00

ESP32 Development Board

ESP32 Development board is based on the ESP WROOM32 WIFI + BLE Module. This is the latest generation..

Rs. 595.00

ESP32S - WiFi + BLE Module - Only shipping within India Discontinued

ESP32S - WiFi + BLE Module - Only shipping within India

 Update [2nd May, 2017]: 50 units available in Stock!   ESP-32S WiFi..

Rs. 795.00

Ethernet Expansion - Onion Omega Coming Soon

Ethernet Expansion - Onion Omega

Note: This Expansion requires a Dock with an Expansion Header to use, such as the Expansion Dock, Po..

Rs. 850.00

Expansion Dock - Omega2

 The Expansion Dock provides an easy way to power the Omega with any Micro USB cable and brea..

Rs. 1,150.00

FiPy - Five Network Development Board with LTE-M, LoRa, Sigfox, WiFi & Bluetooth

Note: The LTE Antenna MUST always be used with LTE CAT M1 / NB1, or it could cause serious damage to..

Rs. 6,995.00

Intel Edison and Arduino Breakout Board Discontinued

Intel Edison and Arduino Breakout Board

The Intel® Edison is an ultra small computing platform that will change the way you look at embedded..

Rs. 8,995.00

Intel Galileo Gen 2 Discontinued

Intel Galileo Gen 2

Intel Galileo Gen 2DescriptionGalileo is a microcontroller board based on the Intel® Quark S..

Rs. 5,995.00