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QUICK OVERVIEW: Shaft length: 7 mm. Size: 55 x 48 x 23 mm. Operating Voltage: 3 to 12v. Current (without loading): 40-180mA. RPM: 100 rpm. Output Torque: 1 kgcm...
Rs. 95.00
Single Shaft Plastic Gear Motor - BO-2 series gives good torque and rpm at lower operating voltages, which is the biggest advantage of these motors. Small shaft with matching wheels give optimized design for your application or robot. Mounting holes on the body & light weight makes it suitable f..
Rs. 95.00
These motors are simple DC Motors featuring gears for the shaft for obtaining the optimal performance characteristics. They are known as Center Shaft DC Geared Motors because their shaft extends through the center of their gear box assembly. This DC Motor – 100RPM – 12Volts can be used ..
Rs. 150.00
12V Stepper Motor 12V Stepper Motor
A stepper motor is an electromechanical device which converts electrical pulses into discrete mechanical movements. The shaft or spindle of a stepper motor rotates in discrete step increments when electrical command pulses are applied to it in the proper sequence. The motors rotation has several di..
Rs. 120.00
BO(Battery Operated) light weight DC geared motor which gives good torque and rpm at lower voltages. This motor can run at approximately 300 rpm when driven by a single Li-Ion cell. Great for battery operated light weight robots. It can do reverse and forward directions. Specifications: Working ..
Rs. 120.00
500 RPM DC Motor
2 - 3 Days
500 RPM 12 V DC geared motors for robotics applications. Very easy to use and available in standard size. Nut and threads on shaft to easily connect and internal threaded shaft for easily connecting it to wheel. Features:500 RPM 12 V DC motors with Gearbox3000 RPM base motor6mm shaft diameter w..
Rs. 150.00
Futaba S3003 is a standard servo motor which is mostly used by hobbyist and electronics student in cars, boats, servo motor standard applications. This is the replacement for the following servos, S138,S148,S22,S38 and S12. This motor is controlled by Arduino , Raspberry pi or other microcontroller..
Rs. 495.00
This is a 5V high torque stepper motor with more than 2000 steps per revolution. It has enough torque to move small robots. The motor can be connected with gear shaft and propeller.   Specifications:   High quality stepper motor Voltage: DC 5V Diameter: 25mm Step Angle: 5.625 x 1/..
Rs. 120.00
A DC motor clamp or a bracket is used to mount the motor tightly on any solid surface. Thus it increases the usability of the motor & makes motor mounting very convenient. This clamp or mount bracket is designed for DC Geared Motors...
Rs. 28.00
Geared 100 RPM Side Shaft Motor Perfect for Robotics and Machine Application Motor Type High Torque Side Shaft Metal Gearedbox Motor..
Rs. 395.00
Specification:Operating Voltage Range: 12V - 36VRated Voltage: 24VRated Current: 0.7ARated Torque: 62mN.mNo Load Speed: 4100 rpmMotor Weight: 230gInput VoltageOutput Speed12V2000RPM18V3075RPM24V4100RPM36V6150RPM..
Rs. 295.00
MG90S Metal Gear Mini Servo is tiny and lightweight with high output power, this tiny servo is perfect for RC Airplane, Helicopter, Quadcopter or Robot. This servo has metal gear for added strength and durability. Servo can rotate approximately 180 degree(90 in each direction), and works just like t..
Rs. 210.00
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