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HT12D is a decoder integrated circuit that belongs to 212 series of decoders. This series of decoders are mainly used for remote control system applications, like burglar alarm, car door controller, security system etc. It is mainly provided to interface RF and infrared circuits.  They are pair..
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HT12E is an encoder integrated circuit of 212 series of encoders. They are paired with 212 series of decoders for use in remote control system applications. It is mainly used in interfacing RF and infrared circuits. The chosen pair of encoder/decoder should have same number of addresses and data for..
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7400 IC is  14 pin DIP version of the popular NAND Gate IC. The 7400 series contains hundreds of devices that provide everything from basic logic gates, flip-flops, and counters, to special purpose bus transceivers and arithmetic logic units (ALU). Specific functions are described in a ..
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 7404 is a NOT Gate IC ,This a 14 pin DIP version of the popular NOT Gate IC.  7404 is a NOT gate IC. It consists of six inverters which perform logical invert action. The output of an inverter is the complement of its input logic state, i.e., when input is high its output is ..
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ICL8038 is a function generator chip which can produce different waveform. ICL8038 can produce highly accurate sine, square, triangular, saw-tooth and pulse waveform with a minimum of external components. The frequency can be selected externally from 0.001Hz to more than 300kHz using either resistor..
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This is a NPN type Inductive Proximity Sensor also called as proxy switch which can be used to detect metal upto 5mm. The distance may vary according to metal size. This is a Square Type low cost water proof and dust proof proximity sensor with LED indicator and easy Mounting. SN04-N Sensor is very ..
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Standard IR Pair used in Robotics and other emdedded applications such as line detecting sensors, proximity sensors, obstacle avoiding robots etc...
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This sensor module have great adaptive capability of the ambient light, having a pair of infrared transmitter and the receiver tube. The infrared emitting tube to emit a certain frequency, encounters an obstacle detection direction (reflecting surface), infrared reflected back to the receiver ..
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IRF520 MOSFET Driver Load Switch Module Specifications: Dimensions: 33 * 24mm Weight: 10g Voltage: 3.3V, 5V Ports: Digital Level Output load voltage: 0-24V Output load current: <5A (1A or more need to add heat sink) Platform: Arduino, MCU, ARM, Raspberry Pi Second, product characteristi..
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IRFP9630 is a 6.5 Ampere, 200 Volt, 0.800 Ohm, P-Channel Power MOSFETs. These are P-Channel enhancement mode silicon gate power field effect transistors. They are advanced power MOSFETs designed, tested, and guaranteed to withstand a specified level of energy in the breakdown avalanche mode of opera..
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ISD1820 Voice Recording module board is based on ISD18B20, which is a single-chip single-message record/playback device. Recordings are stored into on-chip non-volatile memory, providing Zero-power message storage. With the embedded Flash memory employed, data retention up to 100 years and typical 1..
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