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IoT Labs Setup

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The IoT Lab Setup comprises of the following Categories/Modules:


    1. IoT Development Boards

    2. Add on Shields for Development Boards

    3. Wireless Modules

    4. Sensors

    5. Prototyping and Consumables


Please use the following form or Contact Us to get the list (and Quote) of the recommended Components and Quantity for setting up an IoT Lab for any batch size of Students. The Quantity can be increased/decreased based on the Budget and requirements of the Institution. Our team of IoT Consultants will discuss with your team and curate an IoT Lab Setup accordingly.

IoT Lab Setup
Please provide us with the following details which will help our IoT Consultants & Team send you a curated IoT Lab Setup Guide and Quote. You can also email us at if you'd like to add more info. Thanks.
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