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Unique curated collection of Starter Kits to help you get started with tinkering.    

Comes with Battery Holder and Encoder Comes disassembled. Requires a Screwdriver to assemble (not included in the Kit)          ..
Rs. 500.00
37 in 1 Sensor Kit Contents:   1. Joy Stick Module 2. Relay Module 3. Big Sound Sensor Module 4. Small Sound Sensor Module 5. Object Tracking Module 6. Obsticle Avoidance Module 7. Flame Sensor Module 8. Linear Hall Sensor Module 9. Touch Sensor Module 10. Digital Temepature Module ..
Rs. 1,350.00
Brand: Arduino
Arduino IoT Starter kit based on Arduino for getting started with Internet of Things (IoT)   Kit Contents:    Arduino Uno Rev 3 (Made in Italy) with USB Cable  ESP8266 (ESP01) Serial WiFi Module  1-Channel Relay Module  Breadboard (Medium Size)  Assorted ..
Rs. 1,950.00
Brand: Arduino
Ardunino Starter Kit has been curated for getting started with Arduino and exploring the many features it has. This Kit is a collection of basic Input/Ouput Devices, Displays and Sensors to give an overall exposure to the Arduino Development Platform.   Kit Contents: Arduino Uno R3 wi..
Rs. 1,890.00
Arduino Uno  - Advanced Starter Kit
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Arduino
Arduino Advanced Kit contains everything you require to get started with your new Arduino Uno Board. It has enough components to keep you occupied for sometime. The Quick Start kit has been hand-picked and designed to give you maximum exploration opportunities in working with - I/O's, Displays &..
Rs. 2,295.00
Kit Contents:Arduino Uno R3 with USB Programming Cable (Clone)  Breadboard-Medium SizeUltrasonic Distance Sensor (HCSR-04)PIR Motion Detection SensorDHT 11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor ModuleTemperature Sensor (LM35)Light Intensity Sensor (LDR)Liquid Crystal Display (LCD 16*2 Chars)Red ..
Rs. 2,050.00
Arduino robotic kit contents:   Arduino UNO R3 USB Type-B Cable Complete Robotic Kit(Unassembled) HCSR-04 Breadboad _Medium Size IR Sensor Resistor Box L293D Driver board Buzzer Assorted Jumper Wires-40 LEDS    ..
Rs. 2,840.00
BeagleBone Black  Basic Kit
Out Of Stock
The Beaglebone Black Basic Kit contains the following components:   Beaglebone Black Power Adapter (5V/2A)  Micro HDMI cable to HDMI Cable DHT 11 (Humidity and Temperature Sensor) PIR Motion Detection sensor HCSR-04 Distance Sensor Half Size Breadboard Push Butt..
Rs. 5,295.00
The Beaglebone Black Advanced Kit contains the following components:   Beaglebone Black - Revision C (Rev C, 4GB eMMC, 512MB RAM) Power Adapter (5V/2A) Micro HDMI cable to HDMI Cable Half Size Breadboard Humidity and Temp sensor DHT 11 PIR Motion Detection Sensor HCSR-..
Rs. 6,895.00
Google AIY Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi Google AIY Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi
Out Of Stock
Google AIY Voice Kit Projects brings do-it-yourself Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your maker projects.   The kit includes all of the components needed to assemble the basic kit that works with the Google Assistant SDK as well as on-device voice recognition with TensorFlow.  ..
Rs. 2,395.00
littleBits - Arduino Coding Kit littleBits - Arduino Coding Kit
Brand: littleBits
Get started with programming using the Arduino module and 7 of our favorite modules. Perfect for novices that aren't familiar with programming or experts that want to prototype without having to breadboard.   Product Details This kit contains 8 of our favorite prototyping modules. It&rsq..
Rs. 9,495.00
Raspberry Pi 2 Grove Pi+ Kit Raspberry Pi 2 Grove Pi+ Kit
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Seeed Studio
GrovePi+ connects your Raspberry Pi to the Grove Sensor System . The kit allows you to easily connect a variety of sensors to the Raspberry Pi.  Simply connect a cable from the GrovePi+ to your sensor, download our software examples, and your credit card sized computer enters the physical world..
Rs. 6,995.00
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