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Audio, Sound & Buzzer

Audio, Sound & Buzzer
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This piezo buzzer is 23mm in diameter and has 30mm spaced mount holes. Supplied with a 100mm lead it is designed for 3 - 20V,it produces a 3kHz tone at an 85dB level at 30cm. Speciffications: Operation Voltage: 3-24V DC Current: <15mA SPL: 85dBA/10cm Frequency: 3,300Hz C..
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CSR8645 Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Audio Module CSR8645 Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Audio Module
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This Module is based on Qualcomm's CSR8645 Bluetooth Audio Platform IC.The CSR8645/F3188 is an easy and cost-effective platform for developing wireless audio products and supports reduced development time. It is an ideal solution for a range of highly differentiated home entertainment and wearable a..
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ISD1820 Voice Recording module board is based on ISD18B20, which is a single-chip single-message record/playback device. Recordings are stored into on-chip non-volatile memory, providing Zero-power message storage. With the embedded Flash memory employed, data retention up to 100 years and typical 1..
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ISD1760 5V Voice Record & Play Module Using ISD1760PY IC For Arduino PIC AVR
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ISD1760 5V Voice Record & Play Module Using ISD1760PY IC For Arduino PIC AVR Features: Power supply: 5VDC Size: 52*55mm The recording time: 6K/75Sec, 8K/60Sec Frequency 6 KHz or 8 KHz Simple operation , not need to SCM or other module work direct..
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LM386 200 times Gain Audio Amplifier Module Specifications: Onboard LM386 chip Circuit designed for 200 gain On-board speaker wire holder Board 10K adjustable resistance to adjust the volume. Onboard power LED indicator Main chip's pin leads directly to the input audio signal Operating vol..
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This is a MT8870 DTMF Decoder Module. The module offers a 3.5mm audio connector to connect an audio source. The DTMF Signal in the audio source is decoded and the digital outputs on the module, indicate the key pressed. You may connect a phone to the module and the module will output the key(0-9, *,..
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This is PAM8403 Mini 5V Digital Amplifier Board With Switch Potentiometer. PAM8403 is a small digital amplifier chip, high-definition sound quality highlights the advantages of digital chips, the circuit using the most reasonable peripheral configuration, power supply filtering is upgraded to 470uf ..
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This is a project audio amplifier circuit board based on the PAM8403 stereo amplifier chip. It is a 3 watt Class-D stereo amplifier capable of operating on a voltage as low as 2.5 V and up to a maximum of 5 V.Power Analog Microelectronics Inc., part of Diodes Incorporated, manufactures the chip. The..
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TDA2030 is a 14W audio amplifier IC comes in TO220-5 pentawatt package. This IC has a very low harmonic distortion, short circuit protection and thermal shutdown. This audio amplifier can work with single supply as well with dual supply, can be bridge for higher output power. Check the datasheet for..
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ELECHOUSE Voice Recognition Module is a compact and easy-control speaking recognition board.This product is a speaker-dependent voice recognition module. It supports up to 80 voice commands in all. Max 7 voice commands could work at the same time. Any sound could be trained as command. Users need to..
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