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Cellular (GSM/GPRS 2/3/4/5G, NB-IoT, LTE-M)

Cellular (GSM/GPRS 2/3/4/5G, NB-IoT, LTE-M)
Cellular (GSM/GPRS 2/3/4/5G, NB-IoT, LTE-M)
The SIM800L module supports quad-band GSM/GPRS network, available for GPRS and SMS message data remote transmission. The SIM800L communicates with microcontroller via UART port, supports command including 3GPP TS 27.007, 27.005 and SIMCOM enhanced AT Commands. It also has built-in level translation,..
Rs. 395.00
SIM808 module is a GSM and GPS two-in-one function module. It is based on the latest GSM/GPS module SIM808 from SIMCOM, supports GSM/GPRS Quad-Band network and combines GPS technology for satellite navigation. It features ultra-low power consumption in sleep mode and integrated with charging circuit..
Rs. 1,650.00
GSM module is used to establish communication between a computer and a GSM system. GSM module consists of a GSM modem assembled together with power supply circuit and communication interfaces (like RS-232, USB, etc) for computer. The MODEM is the soul of such modules. Features: Standard serial R..
Rs. 850.00
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