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1/2" Electric Solenoid Valve Flow Switch - DC 12V - 250mA

1/2 inch DC 12V 250mA Electric Solenoid Valve Flow SwitchSpecifications :Current250mAVoltage12V DCPr..

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 350.00

3.2” Resistive Touch Display/Screen for Raspberry Pi

3.2 inch Resistive Touch Screen TFT LCD for Raspberry Pi B/B+/Pi 2Description:Designed for Raspberry..

Rs. 1,995.00 Rs. 1,600.00

3D Printers Reprap Ramps 1.4 2004 LCD Intelligent Controller Display (C5B1)

3D Printers Reprap Ramps 1.4 2004 LCD Intelligent Controller Display (C5B1)..

Rs. 1,450.00 Rs. 1,200.00

4x3 Keypad - 12 Key - Matrix Membrane Type

12 Key - 4x3 Matrix - Membrane Type Keypad.Specifications:4 x 3 Matrix Membrane Keypad7 pin connecto..

Rs. 125.00 Rs. 95.00

4x4 Keypad - 16 Key - Matrix Membrane Type

16 Key - 4x4 Matrix - Membrane Type Keypad.Specification:4 x 4 Matrix Membrane KeypadSize: 7cm X 7.5..

Rs. 150.00 Rs. 130.00

BH1750 Light Intensity Sensor for Raspberry Pi

BH1750 light intensity sensor breakout board with a 16 bit AD converter built-in which can directly ..

Rs. 215.00 Rs. 195.00

Flex Sensor 4.5

A simple Flex Sensor with length of 4.5” which bends and flexes with physical device. As the sensor ..

Rs. 795.00 Rs. 710.00

Force Sensitive Resistor - Square

This is a force sensitive resistor with a square, 1.75x1.5", sensing area. This FSR will vary its re..

Rs. 850.00 Rs. 750.00

Force Sensor

This is a small force sensitive resistor. It has a 0.16" (4 mm) diameter active sensing area. This F..

Rs. 560.00 Rs. 520.00

Raspberry Pi 3 Alpha Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 Alpha Kit is minimalist collection of the most basic add-ons required for getting sta..

Rs. 3,895.00 Rs. 3,750.00

Raspberry Pi 3 IoT Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 IoT Kit is a curated collection of the basic and advanced accessories, sensors a..

Rs. 4,320.00 Rs. 4,170.00

Raspberry Pi 3 Robotic Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 Robotic Kit Raspberry Pi 3 Robotic Kit Contains:1. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B2. 5V 2..

Rs. 4,475.00 Rs. 4,295.00

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