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Red LEDS (Pack of 5)5mm diameter660 nm wavelength1.85-2.5V Forward Voltage, at 20mA current250 mcd typical brightness..
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The TCRT5000L is reflective sensor which include an infrared emitter and phototransistor in a leaded package which blocks visible light. The package includes two mounting clips.FeaturesPackage type: leadedDetector type: phototransistorDimensions (L x W x H in mm): 10.2 x 5.8 x 7Peak operating distan..
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Resistor Box Assorted collection of Resistors. This Resistor Box contains a total of 150 Resistors. The following Resistors values are available 5 each in the Box: 10E, 15E, 22E, 33E, 47E, 68E, 100E, 220E, 330E, 470E, 1K, 1K5, 2K2, 3K3, 4K7, 5K6, 6K8, 8K2,10K, 15K, 22K, 33K, 47K, 56K, 68K, 100K,..
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This is called RGB LED. it has four legs RED, GREEN, BLUE and one long pin is common pin for three and that is anode. That means you have to provide VCC supply to the anode pin and three pins can be controlled by microcontroller and by mixing these three color you can generate any color you want. &n..
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It can be used to program STC MCU, NXP MCU, Renesas MCU, STM32 MCU, N+-2EC MCUSpecifications:Communication chip: domestic MAX3232WorkingVoltage: 3.3V-5.5VPort: TX RX VCC GNDMatched RS232 UART extension lineSize: approx. 4.5 x 3cm (L*W)..
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This 2 Pin Wire to Board connector are used widely for connecting Wires to Boards, It can be for Power Supply or connecting any other peripheral like Motor to the Board. The distance between two mounting pins is in multiple of standard 5 mm so that this connector can be mounted easily on general pur..
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This non-invasive current sensor clamped around the supply line can measure a load up to 30 Amps, and allow you to calculate how much current pass through it. It can be useful for building your own energy monitor or for building an over-current protection device for an AC load. This current clamp ca..
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SD Card Module SD Card Module
2 - 3 Days
1) It is easily interfaced as a peripheral to your arduino sensor shield module. 2) Through programming, you can read and write to the SD card using your arduino. 3)Can be used for SD Card more easily, such as for MP3 Player, MCU/ARM system control 4) All SD SPI pins output, MOSI, SCK, MISO and CS. ..
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Slide Pot - Medium (10k Linear Taper) Slide Pot - Medium (10k Linear Taper)
A simple slide potentiometer can go a long way. Rated at 10KOhm and 0.1W. Comes with solder tab connections. The pot has an overall travel of 30mm and has two mounting holes on top. Dimensions: 9.5mm x 45mm Datasheet ..
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A standard Slide Switch ..
Rs. 9.44
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SMD to DIP 16Pin Adapter
New 2 - 3 Days
This is a 16 pin SMD to DIP adapter a perfect PCB if you do not want to solder your IC directly on the main PCB. This is a double sided PCB. Each side has 16 pins for mounting various packages of 16 pin IC. This PCB supports SO16, SOP16,SOIC16,SSOP16,TSSOP16 and MSOP16 IC packages with 1.27mm &..
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