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0.56" 3.5-30 Volt 2 Wire DC Voltmeter - Digital

Features:Display Type:Digital OnlyOperating Temperature:-10℃~65℃Measuring Range:DC3.2-30VDIY Supplie..

Rs. 350.00

1 Channel - 5V Time Delay Relay Module

Features: Wide voltage power supply (6 ~ 30V) supports micro USB 5.0V power supply, easy to use..

Rs. 495.00

100K Ohm Rotary Potentiometer - Plastic Shaft

This is a Linear single turn rotary potentiometer with plastic shaft. This pot is suitable for panel..

Rs. 20.00

1203B - Speed Regulator Switch - DC Voltage - 12V - 3A

This DC Motor Speed Controller allows controlling the direction of a DC motor using a Pulse- Width-M..

Rs. 250.00

12VDC 1A - AC-DC Adaptor

AC/DC Adaptor 12VDC 1AThe AC adapter, AC/DC adapter or AC/DC converter is a type of external power s..

Rs. 150.00

12VDC 2A - AC-DC Adaptor

AC to DC Adaptor – 12VDC 2AThe AC adapter, AC/DC adapter or AC/DC converter is a type of external po..

Rs. 245.00

16 Mhz - Crystal Oscillator

A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vib..

Rs. 8.00

1K Potentiometer (Pot)

This small linear Potentiometer with plastic dust-cap is bread board suitable. this is center tap ty..

Rs. 6.00

2 Channel Relay Module - 5V - Active Low

This product is a 2-channel relay module board with LED indicators, It can be controlled by microcon..

Rs. 115.00

2.4" TFT LCD Touch Screen - Arduino Shield

2.4 inch TFT touch screen LCD Arduino ShieldFeatures:2.4" diagonal LCD TFT displayBright, 4 white-LE..

Rs. 445.00

2N2222 NPN transistors

Specification: Transistor Polarity: NPN Collector Emitter Voltage V(br)ceo: 30V Power..

Rs. 9.00

2N3904 - NPN Transistor

2N3904 is a common NPN bipolar junction transistor.Features:Collector emitter voltage (Vce) of ..

Rs. 9.00

2N3906 - PNP Transistor

The 2N3906 is a commonly-used PNP bipolar junction transistor intended for general purpose low-power..

Rs. 9.00

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