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This is PAM8403 Mini 5V Digital Amplifier Board With Switch Potentiometer. PAM8403 is a small digital amplifier chip, high-definition sound quality highlights the advantages of digital chips, the circuit using the most reasonable peripheral configuration, power supply filtering is upgraded to 470uf ..
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This is a project audio amplifier circuit board based on the PAM8403 stereo amplifier chip. It is a 3 watt Class-D stereo amplifier capable of operating on a voltage as low as 2.5 V and up to a maximum of 5 V.Power Analog Microelectronics Inc., part of Diodes Incorporated, manufactures the chip. The..
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PC 817 PC 817
2 - 3 Days
PC817 - High Density Photocoupler  Features: Current transfer ratio (CTR: MIN. 50% at I=5mA, Vce=5V) High isolation voltage between input and output Applications: Computer terminals System appliances, measuing instruments Registers, copiers, automatic Vending machines ..
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This Module is a simple breakout board for this easy to use expander IC. This PCF8575 module allows the user to expand up to 16 I/O using only two I/O for control.  PCF8575 IO Expander Module Specifications: Working voltage: 2.5 - 5.5VDC Working current: 100mA(MAX) I2C address: 0x20(defa..
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2 - 3 Days
L14F1 - Phototransistor    Photodarlington, TO-18  Transistor Polarity: NPN  Wavelength Typ: 940nm  Power Consumption: 300mW  Viewing Angle: 8°  Transistor Case Style: TO-18  No. of Pins: 3  SVHC: No SVHC  ..
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This powerful (200 nanosecond instruction execution) yet easy-to-program (only 35 single word instructions) CMOS FLASH-based 8-bit microcontroller packs Microchip's powerful PIC® architecture into an 40- or 44-pin package and is upwards compatible with the PIC16C5X, PIC12CXXX and PIC16C7X devices. T..
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Piezo Electric sensor A piezoelectric sensor/element is a device that uses the piezoelectric effect, it is basically a device which converts voltage to vibration and vibration to voltage. It normally comes in handy to measure knock (knock  sensor) or vibration (vibration sensor).  Now ..
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PIR sensor detects a human being moving around within approximately 10m from the sensor. This is an average value, as the actual detection range is between 5m and 12m.PIR are fundamentally made of a pyro electric sensor, which can detect levels of infrared radiation.   Specification: Volt..
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Push Buttons -4Pin..
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DPDT Push-On/Push-Off Switch. Works great as general control switch...
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This is a 32.768 kHz quartz crystal commonly used in watch and RTC. Small cylinder package...
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