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37 in 1 Sensor Kit

37 in 1 Sensor Kit Contents: 1. Joy Stick Module2. Relay Module3. Big Sound Sen..

Rs. 1,593.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 1,350.00

ACS-712 Current Sensor 5Amps

Accurate sensor to measure AC/DC current up to 5A. The sensor can even measure high AC mains current..

Rs. 230.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 195.00

AD8232-ECG Monitor Sensor Module with Electrodes

ECG Monitor Sensor Module Application:Fitness and sports heart rate monitoringPortable ECGRemot..

Rs. 1,121.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 950.00

ADXL335 -3 (Triple) Axis Accelerometer - Module - Raw Voltage O/P

The ADXL335 is a small, thin, low power, complete 3-axis accelerometer with signal conditioned volta..

Rs. 283.20 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 240.00

ADXL345 Triple-Axis Accelerometer Module

ADXL345 Triple-Axis Accelerometer ModuleDescriptionThe ADXL345 is a small, thin, low power, 3-ax..

Rs. 159.30 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 135.00

Analog pH Meter Kit

Need to measure water quality and other parameters but haven't got any low cost pH meter? Find i..

Rs. 2,773.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 2,350.00

BH1750 Light Intensity Sensor

BH1750 light intensity sensor breakout board with a 16 bit AD converter built-in which can directly ..

Rs. 230.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 195.00

BMP 180 Barometric Pressure Sensor

This is a BMP-180 based digital barometric pressure sensor module and is functional compatible with ..

Rs. 224.20 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 190.00

Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor

Soil Moisture sensors are used extensively in agriculture automation where you have to measure the m..

Rs. 318.60 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 270.00

CJMCU 9930 APDS-9930 Digital Proximity And Ambient Light Sensor For Arduino

This is CJMCU 9930 APDS-9930 Digital Proximity And Ambient Light Sensor For Arduino. The APDS-9930 p..

Rs. 295.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 250.00

Collision Sensor

Wrobot Crash Sensor is arduino compatible and can be used for for robot collision detection, touch c..

Rs. 177.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 150.00

Current Sensor - 5Amps

 Specification:Onboard precision micro current transformer Onboard sampling resistor Th..

Rs. 230.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 195.00

Current Sensor Module - ACS712

This is a small but very effective Linear current sensor module, This sensor module is based on ACS7..

Rs. 188.80 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 160.00

DHT 11 Sensor Module

DHT 11 sensor is digital temperature and humidity sensor module for Arduino and Raspberry pi b/B+/Ra..

Rs. 135.70 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 115.00

DHT 22 Module

AM2302 humidity-sensitive capacitance digital temperature and humidity module is a have already cali..

Rs. 466.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 395.00