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5V/5W SMPS Module (Hi-Link)

5V/5W SMPS Module from Hi-Link is a PCB mounted plastic enclosed isolated switching step down power ..

Rs. 295.00

5V2A Large Current Wireless Charging Module Wireless Power Supply Module

This product is for the wireless charging various series of small electronic products, development a..

Rs. 950.00

5x7 Dot Matrix Display - RED LED - Common Cathode Discontinued

5x7 Dot Matrix Display - RED LED - Common Cathode

5x7 Dot Matrix Display LED (Common Cathode)Standard red 5 x 7 dot matrix for use with embedded pro..

Rs. 67.00

6 Amp Bridge Rectifier (BR68)

 BR68 is a Single Phase 6 Amp Bridge Rectifier. Its Reverse Voltage Rating is 800V and forwar..

Rs. 30.00

7 Segment Display

Seven LEDs  arranged in a rectangular fashion as shown. Each of the seven LEDs is called a segm..

Rs. 9.00

7 Segment Display - Common Cathode (Pack of 10 pieces)

Most popular type of basic display for displaying Numerical and Hexadecimal values. (Some rudimentar..

Rs. 70.00

7805 5V Voltage Regulator

 A voltage regulator IC maintains the output voltage at a constant value. 7805 IC, a membe..

Rs. 9.00

8 Channel Relay Module

8 Channel Relay Board (5V) Use this 8 Channel Relay Module board to interface any Micro..

Rs. 320.00

8051 Programmer

This is a programmer for 89 series microcontroller devices in 20 & 40 pin packages and supports ..

Rs. 450.00

868Mhz 915Mhz LoRa SX1276 UART Interface RF wireless module DRF1276DM

DRF1276DM is a type of long range low data rate data radio modem based on SX1276 from Semtech. DRF12..

Rs. 1,550.00

9V Battery -Hi-Watt

The most common form of nine-volt battery is commonly called the transistor battery.These were int..

Rs. 20.00

9V Battery Snap Connector with Power Plug

The 9V Battery Snap Connector with Power Plug is provides the ability to conveniently use a 9V batte..

Rs. 20.00

A3967 Stepper Motor Driver Board (H4B5)

This A3967 Stepper Motor Driver For Arduino is the latest version of EasyDriver v44 co-designed with..

Rs. 185.00

A4988 Stepper Motors Driver Module with Heat sink for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

A4988 Stepper Motors Driver Module with Heat sink for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics The A49..

Rs. 245.00

AC SCR Voltage Regulator - 220V 2000W - Speed Controller - Dimmer

 Specifications:Brand new and high quality. Connect this device with lamp or home applia..

Rs. 225.00