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Coin Cell Battery Holder - 20mm (PTH)

Basic 20mm coin cell holder. Posts can be inserted into 0.1" perf board! Holds the common CR203..

Rs. 10.00

Condensor Microphone

Condenser Microphone: The condenser microphone, or capacitor microphone or electrostatic microphone ..

Rs. 20.00

CSR8645 Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Audio Module

This Module is based on Qualcomm's CSR8645 Bluetooth Audio Platform IC.The CSR8645/F3188 is an..

Rs. 650.00

DB107 - 1 Amp Bridge Rectifier

DB107 is a 1 Amp Bridge Rectifier with forward voltage of 1.1V and 1kV reverse voltage. It is 4 Pin ..

Rs. 20.00

DB25 Female Connector (Wire Type) 2 - 3 Days

DB25 Female Connector (Wire Type)

This is DB25 male type connector with facility to solder wires on inner side.The DB25 (originally DE..

Rs. 30.00

DB9 Female Connector

DB9 Female Connector (Wire type) DescriptionThis is DB9 Female type connector with facili..

Rs. 12.00

DB9 Male Connector

DB9 connectors were once very common on PCs and servers.  DB9 connectors are designed to w..

Rs. 12.00

DC 3v-5v X9C103S Digital Potentiometer Board Module

The X9C103 are digitally controlled (XDCP) potentiometers. Dc3v-5v X9c103s Digital Potentiometer con..

Rs. 150.00

DC Barrel Power Jack/Connector

DC power jack/connector.This is a common barrel-type power jack for DC wall supplies. These are co..

Rs. 10.00

DC Connector Male

This is standard 2.1 mm DC power plug/jack. Threaded plastic cap, and wires can be so..

Rs. 20.00

DC Power Jack - Female Connector with 2 Pin Screw Terminal

DC Power Jack - Female Connector with 2 pin Screw TerminalIf you need to connect a DC power wall..

Rs. 25.00

Diffused Green 5mm LED (Pack of 25)

Diffused Green 5mm LED (Pack of 25)Need some indicators? We are big fans of these diffused green LED..

Rs. 25.00

Diffused Red 5mm LED (Pack of 25)

Need some indicators? We are big fans of these diffused red LEDs, in fact we use them exclusively in..

Rs. 25.00