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40 Pin - IC Base

Dip sockets for all your prototyping needs.  If you've ever had to de-solder a dip part from a ..

Rs. 5.00

40 Pin Male Berg Strip - Break Away Header - 90 Degree

This 40 Pin Male Break Away Header Right angle has the industry standard spacing of 2.54mm and are d..

Rs. 10.00

470K 0805 SMD Resistor

470K  0805 SMD Resistor (Pack of 10 Pieces)These are  0805 size SMD Resistor with 5% tol..

Rs. 20.00

470k Resistor Package-0805

Pack of 10These are  0805 size SMD Resistor with 5% tolerance. ..

Rs. 15.00

470K ohm - SMD Package (1206) (10 units)

470K ohm - SMD Package (1206) (10 units)Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for producing e..

Rs. 20.00

470k Potentiometer (POT)

Potentiometer (POT)  - 470kA Three terminal resistor with sliding contact to act s voltage di..

Rs. 18.00

470uf 25v Electrolytic Capacitor

470uf 25 volts Electrolytic Capacitor This is a 470uf 25volts radial polarised good qu..

Rs. 5.00


This is a Linear single turn rotary potentiometer with plastic shaft. This pot is suitable for panel..

Rs. 22.00

47k resistor 0805 SMD Package

47k resistor 0805 SMD Package (Pack of 10)These are  0805 size SMD Resistor with 5% tolerance..

Rs. 20.00

4N35 Optocoupler

4N35 is an optocoupler IC in which an infrared emitter diode drives a phototransistor..

Rs. 18.00

4x3 Keypad - 12 Key - Matrix Membrane Type

12 Key - 4x3 Matrix - Membrane Type Keypad.Specifications:4 x 3 Matrix Membrane Keypad ..

Rs. 95.00

4x4 Keypad - 16 Key - Matrix Membrane Type

16 Key - 4x4 Matrix - Membrane Type Keypad.Specification:4 x 4 Matrix Membrane Keypad Size: 7..

Rs. 98.00

560k Resistor 0805 SMD Package

560k Resistor 0805 SMD Package (Pack of 10)These are  0805 size SMD Resistor with 5% toleranc..

Rs. 20.00

5mm Diffused Yellow LED (Pack of 25)

5mm Diffused Yellow LED (Pack of 25) Features: Contains 25 5mm (T-1 3/4) LEDs. ..

Rs. 25.00

6 Amp Bridge Rectifier (BR68)

 BR68 is a Single Phase 6 Amp Bridge Rectifier. Its Reverse Voltage Rating is 800V and forwar..

Rs. 30.00