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5Kg -Servo Motor

5Kg -Servo Motor
5Kg -Servo Motor
5Kg -Servo Motor
5Kg -Servo Motor
5Kg -Servo Motor
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  • Model: 5KG-Servo
  • SKU: PL-333

Futaba S3003 is a standard servo motor which is mostly used by hobbyist and electronics student in cars, boats, servo motor standard applications.

This is the replacement for the following servos, S138,S148,S22,S38 and S12. This motor is controlled by Arduino , Raspberry pi or other microcontroller boards.This servo can produce high-current draw from your batteries. If using NiMH or LiPo batteries, make sure they are capable of delivering sufficient amps.


  •  Speed: 0.23 sec/60° @ 4.8V
  • 0.19 sec/60° @ 6V
  • Torque:    44 oz-in (3.2 kg-cm) @ 4.8V
  • 57 oz-in (4.1 kg-cm) @ 6V
  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 0.8 x 1.4" (1-9/16 x 13/16 x 1-7/16")
  • (40 x 20 x 36mm)
  • Weight:    1.3oz (1-5/16oz) (37g)
  • Connector: "J" type with approx. 5" lead


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