Out Of Stock Omega2: $5 Linux Computer with Wi-Fi, Made for IoT

The following add-on Docks for the Onion Omega2 are also available in Stock:

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Note: Please also add the Expansion Dock for Omega2 in Cart if you're getting started with the Onion Omega2 for the first time.

Introducing the Omega2, the $5 IoT computer.

What the heck is an IoT computer? It is a Linux computer designed specifically for building connected hardware applications. It combines the tiny form factor and power-efficiency of the Arduino, with the power and flexibilities of the Raspberry Pi.

  • The Omega2 is simple, even for people who are just getting started with building hardware.
  • The Omega2 is affordable, starting at just $5.

With the Omega2, we want to lower the barrier of entry, and allow everyone to take the leap into hardware development.

We made the Omega2 tiny so that it can easily fit into your DIY project or commercial product. It is less than 1/4 the size of the Raspberry Pi, and less than 1/3 the size of the Arduino Uno.

The Omega2 has integrated Wi-Fi and on-board flash storage. This means that it springs to life the moment you power it on. You don't have to worry about buying Wi-Fi dongles or installing operating system images onto external SD cards.

Using the Omega2 is just like using a desktop computer. We've built simple and intuitive apps for you to interact with the Omega2. We also have an App Store where you can discover even more apps!For the more adventurous, you can even build apps with our SDK and publish them on the Onion App Store to share with the world :)

Don't be fooled by its size, the Omega2 is a full computer running Linux, the same operating system that powers some of the world's most mission-critical infrastructure. You can think of the Omega2 as a tiny Linux server with Wi-Fi. (Yes, it even runs Apache!)

For the BSD fans out there, the Omega2 also runs FreeBSD!

An important benefit of running Linux is that the Omega2 can be programmed with whatever language you want. Save time by using languages and libraries you are already familiar with.

The Omega2 is seamlessly integrated with the Onion Cloud. This allows you toremote control it from anywhere in the world with our intuitive Web UI or RESTful APIs. You can also view the status of your Omega2 in real-time, and deploy software updates to it when it is in the field.

Using the Omega2 with the Onion Cloud is optional.

The Omega2 is easily expandable. We have designed a whole lot of expansions so you can add capabilities to it through simple plug-n-play.

The Omega2 is designed for connectivity. It has Wi-Fi built in, and we have built expansions so that you can easily add Bluetooth, Cellular, and GPS to your projects.

The Omega2 can be easily added to your existing Arduino projects. We have designed an Arduino Dock so that you can make use of your existing Arduino shields.

For those extra demanding projects, we’ve created the Omega2 Plus. It uses the same chipset as the Omega2, but has double the built-in storage and memory, and, on top of that, there’s a MicroSD slot built in, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of space

The pinout for the Omega2 is subject to change without prior notice.

Expansion Dock

The Expansion Dock powers the Omega2, it breaks out all of the GPIOs, and allows you to expand your Omega2 with expansion modules. It has a USB-to-serial chip on-board, allowing you to access the Omega2 easily through the serial terminal.


Mini Dock

The Mini Dock provides power to the Omega2, and it allows you to plug in USB devices. It is designed primarily for volume-constrained applications, as well as applications that do not require any Expansions (networking, for example). The Mini Dock has a USB-to-serial chip just like the Expansion Dock.


Power Dock

The Power Dock provides power to the Omega2 via a lithium polymer battery. It also comes with a charging circuit to allow you to charge your battery. The Power Dock does not come with a USB-to-serial chip but the GPIOs are broken out so you can use Expansions.

In the interest of fulfilling the perks on time, the Power Dock will not come with a LiPo battery.


Arduino Dock R2

The Arduino Dock R2 is a full Arduino Uno that allows your Omega2 to control the Arduino chip through a serial connection. It lets you to make use of all of your existing Arduino Shields and you can program it with the Arduino IDE, just like any other Arduino! We’ve also broken out the Omega2’s GPIOs, so you can use Expansions with the Arduino Dock R2 once you solder down the headers.


Relay Expansion

The Relay Expansion comes with two relays so you can control lights or other electrical signals with the Omega2. The relays are rated for 2A @ 240V.


OLED Expansion

The OLED Expansion adds a 128x64 monochrome OLED screen to the Omega2. You can use the screen to display both text and images with our API and App.


PWM (Servo) Expansion

The PWM Expansion adds 16 PWM output channels to the Omega2. Use it to control your servo motors or LEDs.


Ethernet Expansion

The Ethernet Expansion exposes the ethernet port on the Omega2. You can use it to flash the Omega2's firmware, or to turn the Omega2 into a router.


Bluetooth Expansion

The BLE Expansion adds bluetooth 4.0 to the Omega2. Useful for streaming music from your phone.


Audio Expansion

The USB Audio Expansion is a flexible audio dongle that adds 7.1 Channel Audio capability to the Omega.


GPS Expansion

Note: Please also add the Expansion Dock for Omega2 in Cart if you're getting started with the Onion Omega2 for the first time.

The GPS Expansion adds GPS capability to the Omega2. Use your Omega2 to track your outdoor activity with the Power Dock!


Proto Expansion


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Omega2: $5 Linux Computer with Wi-Fi, Made for IoT

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