Coming Soon Ethernet Expansion - Onion Omega
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Note: This Expansion requires a Dock with an Expansion Header to use, such as the Expansion Dock, Power Dock, or Arduino Dock R2.

The Ethernet Expansion adds an Ethernet port to your Omega with a maximum connection speed of 100Mbps. While the Omega is all about wireless connectivity, a reliable wired network connection can be a great addition to a project, and the Ethernet Expansion is a great tool for quickly reflashing your Omega’s firmware.

Since the Omega is so flexible when it comes to networking, you can use the Ethernet Expansion to:

  • Provide network connectivity to the Omega
  • Connect a modem to your Omega and have it act like a router
  • Provide network connectivity to a wired device by bridging a wireless network
  • Quickly flash new firmware to the Omega

It makes use of the Omega’s exposed Ethernet pins, so only one Ethernet Expansion can be used with the Omega at any given time.

Technical Specs:

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Ethernet Expansion - Onion Omega

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