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CHIP - $9 Computer

CHIP - $9 Computer
CHIP - $9 Computer
CHIP - $9 Computer
CHIP - $9 Computer
Out Of Stock
CHIP - $9 Computer
CHIP - $9 Computer
CHIP - $9 Computer
CHIP - $9 Computer
CHIP - $9 Computer
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  • Model: CHIP-Computer
  • SKU: PL-751
Update [19th July, 2017]: The folks at CHIP are building a newer version of the CHIP based on their GR8 Module. Hence, this model of CHIP has been retired. We'll notify when the newer model is available in Stock here. Thanks.

Update 3 [Nov 25, 2016]: 4 Units available!

Update 2 [Sept 3, 2016]: C.H.I.P further delayed. We can expect to be in stock in October end. Below is the update email we received about the delay:

Update 1: [25 July, 2016]: As per their latest update, shipping dates have been extended. I'm afraid we might get it in September, 2016 :(

C.H.I.P. has specs!

WiFi B/G/N Built-in!

Plug C.H.I.P. in and hop on the internet in 60 seconds flat.

1GHz Processor

C.H.I.P.'s R8 processor allows C.H.I.P. to be small and powerful enough to handle any task you can throw at it.

4GB of High-speed Storage

C.H.I.P. comes with storage onboard, so there’s no need to purchase an SD card. C.H.I.P. is ready to go.

512MB of RAM

C.H.I.P. comes with enough RAM to start your projects right away.

Bluetooth 4.0

Wirelessly connect keyboards, mice, and controllers to C.H.I.P. With a few clicks and an old stereo, turn C.H.I.P. into an AirPlay or Bluetooth speaker.

C.H.I.P. Works with ANY Display

C.H.I.P. is designed to work with any screen. Old or new. Big or small. Connect via C.H.I.P.’s built-in composite output or add a simple adapter for either VGA or HDMI.

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