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Stepper Driver Module

Stepper Driver Module
Stepper Driver Module
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  • Model: Stepper-Motor
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Stepper Driver Module consists of ULN2003-IC  which is used to drive the stepper motor.


Product Description

  •     Size: 42mmx30mm

  •     Use ULN2003 driver chip, 500mA

  •     A. B. C. D LED indicating the four phase stepper motor 

  •     White jack is the four phase stepper motor standard jack.

  •     Power pins are seperated




  •   IN1-4 to the MCU pins
  •  The pins in the white jack (from left to the right) are: VCC, A, B, C, D (to the stepper motor)
  •   Power pins are on the right, use jumper to choose either 5V or 12V


Data Sheet:


          ULN2003-IC datasheet 







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