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1N4007 - General Purpose Diode - 1000V 1A

1N4007 - General Purpose Diode - 1000V 1A
1N4007 - General Purpose Diode - 1000V 1A
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1N4007 1000V 1A General Purpose Diode


1N4007 is a rectifier diode, designed specifically for circuits that need to convert alternating current to direct current. It can pass currents of up to 1 A, and have peak inverse voltage (PIV) rating of 1,000 V.


1N4007 Characteristics:

  • Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage 1000V
  • Maximum RMS Voltage 700V
  • Maximum DC Blocking Voltage 1000V
  • Average Forward Current: 1.0A
  • Peak Forward Surge Current: 30A   
  • Maximum Instantaneous Forward Voltage: 1.0V
  • Maximum DC Reverse Current At Rated DC Blocking Voltage: 5.0µA @ 25°C
  • Typical Junction Capacitance: 15pF
  • Typical Reverse Recovery Time: 2.0us
  • Mounting Type: Through Hole
  • Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ 150°C


1N4007 Package:

  • 1x 1N4007 1A Power Diode


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