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20x4 -Green LCD Display Character

20x4 -Green LCD Display Character
20x4 -Green LCD Display Character
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  • Model: Green-20x4-Character-LCD
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Green LCD Display 20x4 Character 

This is an industry standard JHD629-204A based controlled 4 lines x 20 characters LCD display with Black characters on Green background and back light. It is a parallel interface so you will need 7 pins for 4-bit mode or 11 pins for 8-bit mode to interface to this LCD screen.



  • Wide viewing angle and high contrast.

  • Industry standard JHD629-204A equivalent LCD controller built-in.

  • +5V DC supply with 33 Ohm resistor LED back light.

  • Supported 4 or 8 bit parallel interface.

  • Display 4-line X 20-character.

  • Operate with 5V DC.

  • Interface with 16 pin male header Connector.

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