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2WD Robot Chassis Kit

Comes with Battery Holder and EncoderComes disassembled. Requires a Screwdriver to assemble (not inc..

Rs. 625.00

300 RPM I-Type Single Shaft BO Motor

BO(Battery Operated) light weight DC geared motor which gives good torque and rpm at lower voltages...

Rs. 190.00

9V Battery - Hi-Watt

The most common form of nine-volt battery is commonly called the transistor battery, introduced for ..

Rs. 25.00

ADXL335 - 3 (Triple) Axis Accelerometer - Module - Raw Voltage O/P

ADXL 335DescriptionThe ADXL335 is a small, thin, low power, complete 3-axis accelerometer with signa..

Rs. 270.00

DC Motor - 100 RPM

A DC motor is a mechanically commutated electric motor powered from direct current (DC). The stator ..

Rs. 150.00

DC Motor - 500 RPM

500 RPM 12 V DC geared motors for robotics applications. Very easy to use and available in standard ..

Rs. 189.00

HC-SR04 - Ultrasonic Sensor

The HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor uses sonar to determine distance to an object like bats or dolphi..

Rs. 95.00

IR Obstacle / Distance Sensor (Line Following Module)

This sensor module have great adaptive capability of the ambient light, having a pair of infrar..

Rs. 120.00

L293D Motor Driver IC Board

This module is a medium power motor driver perfect for driving DC Motors and Stepper Motors.It uses ..

Rs. 165.00

L293DD Motor Drive Shield Module For NodeMcu Lua board

ESP-12E Motor Shield is designed and developed by Shenzhen Doctors of Intelligence & Techno..

Rs. 325.00

Motor/Stepper/Servo/Robot Shield For Arduino v2 with PWM Driver Shield

Features:2 connections for 5V 'hobby' servos connected to theArduino's high-resolution dedicated tim..

Rs. 450.00

Robot Wheel 4 Cm

High quality Plastic Tracked Wheel for motors with 6 mm diameter.68mm diameter4cm widthHole diameter..

Rs. 60.00

Simple Small Toy Motor

Toy MotorOperating Voltage Range = 3 - 6VNominal Operating voltage = 5VNo Load characteristicsNo l..

Rs. 25.00