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BT139-800 - TRIAC

BT139-800 - TRIAC
BT139-800 - TRIAC
BT139-800 - TRIAC
BT139-800 - TRIAC
BT139-800 - TRIAC
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  • Model: BT-139-800-triac
  • SKU: PL-378

BT139-800 is 16Amp rating Triac. Its Gate trigger voltage is 0.7V and reverse voltage rating is 800V. Its operational temperature range is from -40 to 150 °C. It comes in a 3 pin TO-220AB package.


  •  TRIAC, 16A, 800V, TO-220
  •  Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage, Vdrm: 800V
  •  On State RMS Current IT(rms): 16A
  •  Peak Non Rep Surge Current Itsm 50Hz: 155A
  •  Gate Trigger Voltage Max Vgt: 0.7V
  •  Peak Gate Power: 5W
  •  Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +150°C
  •  No. of Pins: 3
  •  Current Itsm: 140A
  •  Current Itsm @ 60Hz: 170A
  •  Current t2+g-: 35mA
  •  Current t2-g+: 70mA
  •  Current t2-g-: 35mA
  •  Device Marking: BT139-800
  •  Gate Trigger Current Igt (Q1) t2+g+: 35mA
  •  Gate Trigger Current Max, Igt: 35mA
  •  Holding Current Max Ih: 45mA
  •  Package / Case: TO-220AB
  •  Repetitive Reverse Voltage Vrrm Max: 800V
  •  Termination Type: Through Hole
  •  Thyristor Type: Triac




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