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HC-SR04 -Ultrasonic Sensor

HC-SR04 -Ultrasonic Sensor
HC-SR04 -Ultrasonic Sensor
HC-SR04 -Ultrasonic Sensor
HC-SR04 -Ultrasonic Sensor
HC-SR04 -Ultrasonic Sensor
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  • Model: HC-SR04
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The HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor uses sonar to determine distance to an object like bats or dolphins do.

It offers excellent range accuracy and stable readings in an easy-to-use package. It operation is not affected by sunlight or black material like Sharp rangefinders are (although acoustically soft materials like cloth can be difficult to detect).Ultrasonic Ranging Module HC-SR04 provides 2cm-300cm non-contact distance sensing capabilities,Ranging accuracy up to 3mm; module comprises an ultrasonic transmitter, a receiver and a control circuit.


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