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PAM8403 Super Mini Digital Amplifier Board
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This is a project audio amplifier circuit board based on the PAM8403 stereo amplifier chip. It is a 3 watt Class-D stereo amplifier capable of operating on a voltage as low as 2.5 V and up to a maximum of 5 V.
Power Analog Microelectronics Inc., part of Diodes Incorporated, manufactures the chip. They are currently one of the best semiconductor manufacturers.
This chip is capable of driving a conventional loudspeaker directly, without the need for an output capacitor or any filtering. A 4-Ω loudspeaker will provide 3 watts maximum, providing it is powered by a 5 V source.



  • Power: DC:3.6v-5.5V
  • Output power: 3W +3 W (4 in Europe)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 90dB
  • Efficiency:> 90%




  • Special internal output processing circuit, eliminating the conventional LC network, than the LC lower EMI value;
  • At a lower voltage to obtain the maximum power output, the super-power;
  • Built-in standby electronic switch;
  • Built-in high-gain buffer amplifier;
  • Built-in short circuit protection.




  • Power positive and negative can not be reversed, the power supply voltage must not exceed 5.5V, two violations could result in damage to the IC.
  • On-chip high-gain buffer, there can be no changes to board any element parameters, does not meet the parameters will result in IC damage.
  • Input line, please try to use shielded lines, you can play anti-jamming, eliminate clutter current sound.
  • Output cmos tube BTL drive way, the negative electrode of the left and right speakers can not be connected together, four lines that connect to a speaker is completely independent, does not allow total access.


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PAM8403 Super Mini Digital Amplifier Board

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