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TDA 2030A

TDA2030 is a 14W audio amplifier IC comes in TO220-5 pentawatt package. This IC has a very low harmo..

Rs. 35.00

TEC1-12715 Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier 12V, 15Amp

A thermoelectric cooling (TEC) module is a semiconductor-based electronic component that functions a..

Rs. 650.00

Thermal Sensor Module

 The Thermistor module ambient temperature is very sensitive, generally used to detect the ..

Rs. 110.00

Through-Beam Sensor Module Count Motor Speed Sensor Module Beam Photoelectric Sensor

Through-beam sensor module count Motor speed sensor module beam photoelectric sensor.Features:&n..

Rs. 145.00

Tilt Sensor Module

Tilt Sensor ModuleThe tilt sensor is a component that can detect the tilting of an object. However..

Rs. 110.00

TTP223B Digital Capacitive Touch Switch / Touch Sensor Module

The module is based on a touch-sensing IC (TTP223B) capacitive touch switch module. In the normal st..

Rs. 110.00

Turbidity Sensor

Turbidity Measurement is one of the key test in water quality monitoring. Turbidity basically means ..

Rs. 1,350.00

USB Host Shield -24%

USB Host Shield

This is revision 2.0 of USB Host Shield. Thanks to new interface layout it is now compatible with mo..

Rs. 1,050.00 Rs. 799.00

Vibration Sensor

Vibration sensor has an adjustable sensitivity and micro shock detectingApplicationsCan be applied t..

Rs. 195.00

Voice Recognition Module

ELECHOUSE Voice Recognition Module is a compact and easy-control speaking recognition board.This pro..

Rs. 1,650.00

Voltage Detection Module

This module is based on the principle of the resistor divider design, enabling the terminal interfac..

Rs. 120.00

W1209 DC12v Digital Cool Heat Temp Thermostat Thermometer

Product Description: Model: W1209 Dimensions: 48 * 40mm Temperature control mode: ON / ..

Rs. 295.00

Water Flow Sensor

This sensor sits in line with your water line and contains a pinwheel sensor to measure how much liq..

Rs. 295.00

Water Flow Sensor Vertical Float

ZP4510 Water Level Sensor is a device used to sense the level of liquid within a tank. The switch ca..

Rs. 195.00

Water Flow Sensor YF-S401 Coming Soon

Water Flow Sensor YF-S401

Water flow sensor consists of a plastic valve body, a water rotor, and a hall effect sensor – ..

Rs. 245.00