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HX711 Weighing Sensor Dual-Channel 24 Bit Precision A/D weight Pressure Sensor

This module uses 24 high precision A/D converter chip hx711. It is a specially designed for the high..

Rs. 95.00

Infrared Temperature Sensor Module 2 - 3 Days

Infrared Temperature Sensor Module

Features:Sensor temperature range: -40~125'CObject temperature range: -70~380'CAccuracy: 0.5'CResolu..

Rs. 950.00

IR based reflective object/proximity sensor.

IR based reflective object/proximity sensorFeatures8-10cm rangePotentiometer for maximum range setti..

Rs. 75.00

IR Sensor (Long Range)

This is an Infrared Transmitter and receiver which together make up a photoelectric sensor.The sen..

Rs. 395.00

ISD1760 5V Voice Record & Play Module Using ISD1760PY IC For Arduino PIC AVR

ISD1760 5V Voice Record & Play Module Using ISD1760PY IC For Arduino PIC AVRFeatures:Power..

Rs. 475.00

L9110 L9110S Two-Way Motor Drive Board Motor Drive Module

The L9110S 2-Channel motor driver module is a compact board that can be used to drive small robots. ..

Rs. 195.00

Laser Diode 650nm 3v 5mw with Copper Head - Red

Laser Diode 650nm 3v 5mw with Copper Head - RedDescriptionThis is a low cost Red Laser Diode in Co..

Rs. 45.00

LDR - Light Dependent Resistor - Large

A photoresistor or light dependent resistor is a component that is sensitive to light.When light f..

Rs. 25.00

LDR - Light Dependent Resistor-5mm

An LDR is a component that has a (variable) resistance that changes with the light intensity th..

Rs. 8.00

LDR Sensor Module

Features: Can detect ambient brightness and light intensity Adjustable sensitivity (via ..

Rs. 75.00

Lipo Voltage Checker

2-8S Cell Checker with low voltage alarm features loud twin piezo alarms to notify you once your cel..

Rs. 195.00

LM335Z 2 - 3 Days


The LM335 series are precision, easily-calibrated, integrated circuit temperature sensors. Operating..

Rs. 85.00

LM35 - Temperature Sensor

LM35 is a precision IC temperature sensor with its output proportional to the temperature ..

Rs. 52.00

LM386 200 Times Gain Audio Amplifier Module

LM386 200 times Gain Audio Amplifier ModuleSpecifications: Onboard LM386 chip ..

Rs. 145.00