25N120 IGBT
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25N120 IGBT

25N120 1200 Volt, 25 Ampere NPT IGBT offers superior conduction and switching performances, high avalanche ruggedness and easy parallel operation. This device is well suited for the resonant or soft switching application such as induction heating, microwave oven. 

Features of 25N120 IGBT:

  • NPT Trench Technology, Positive Temperature Coefficient
  • Extremely Enhanced Avalanche Capability
  • fast reverse recovery
  • low operating forward voltage
  • low leakage current

Application of 25N120 IGBT:

  • AC drives
  • DC drives and choppers
  • Uninteruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • switched-mode and resonant-mode power supplies
  • Inductive Heaters, Inductive cookers

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25N120 IGBT

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