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PICKIT 2 based PIC Microcontroller Programmer and Debugger

PICKIT 2 based PIC Microcontroller Programmer and Debugger
PICKIT 2 based PIC Microcontroller Programmer and Debugger
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The PICKIT 2, Logic-Power, is a low cost development tool with an easy to use interface for programming and debugging Microchip's flash families of microcontrollers. The full featured Windows programming interface supports baseline (PIC10F, PIC12F5xx, PIC16F5xx), midrange (PIC12F6xx, PIC16F), PIC18F, PIC24, dsPIC30, dsPIC33, and PIC32 families of 8bit, 16bit, and 32bit microcontrollers, and many Microchip Serial EEPROM products. With Microchip's powerful MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) the PICkit 2 enables in circuit debugging on most PIC microcontrollers. In Circuit Debugging runs, halts and single steps the program while the PIC microcontroller is embedded in the application. When halted at a breakpoint, the file registers can be examined and modified.

  • Low pin count demo board supporting 8/14/20 pin mid range PIC microcontrollers
  • Easy to use Windows programming selected flash based PICmicro MCU's
  • Twelve sequential lessons written in assembly demonstrates how to use 8/14/20 pin flash based MCU's
  • Microchip's MPLAB IDE software for complete code development
  • HI TECH PICC LITE C compiler
  • PICkit 2 Programming Software, the MPLAB IDE Software, an A to mini-B USB cable, lessons for programming PICmicro MCUs.
  • Core Architecture: PIC
  • Product Type: Programmer
  • Kit Contents: PICkit 2 programmer

Features: Full-speed USB Device, Significantly Speeding Up Development Programming

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