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Power Supplies & SMPS

Power Supplies & SMPS
The MT3608 DC-DC Boost module is based upon MT3608 high efficient 1.2Mhz 2 Ampere step up convertor. The MT3608 features automatic shifting to pulse frequency modulation mode at light loads. The MT3608 includes under-voltage lockout, current limiting, and thermal overload protection to prevent damag..
Rs. 115.00
TP4056 1A rechargeable lithium battery charging module board electrical impulse MICRO USB Interface. Module name Lithium battery charging board Charging Linear Charge Charge Current 1A (adjustable) Charging Accurac..
Rs. 95.00
Features: Input any DC voltage of 0.9V~5V, output 5V DC voltage is stable, the input to the output current of 500 ~ 600MA with two AA batteries, a single AA battery power supply output current 200ma about for mobile phones camera, single-chip, digital products supply With USB female  High ..
Rs. 130.00
XL6009 module is a non-isolated step-up boost voltage converter featuring adjustable output voltage, high efficiency. It converts input voltage of 5-32V DC to an output voltage of 4-38V DC. Specifications Input voltage: between 5 V and 32 V Output voltage: adjustable between 5 V and ..
Rs. 110.00
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