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Wireless & IoT

Buy Wireless modules and other Robotics and electronics components online in Hyderabad, India at affordable prices.

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XBee Pro S2B Discontinued

XBee Pro S2B

Zigbee Mesh Networking, 2.4 GHz Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, & peer-to-peer, DSSS (Direc..

Rs. 2,354.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 1,995.00

Xbee Series 2 Module with Wire Antenna Discontinued

Xbee Series 2 Module with Wire Antenna

This is the XBee XB24-Z7WIT-004 module from Digi. Series 2 improves on the power output and data pro..

Rs. 1,121.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 950.00

Xbee/Zigbee PRO Shield

This Xbee Shield allows Arduino board to communicate wirelessly with each other using Zigbee. &..

Rs. 531.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 450.00