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2 - 3 Days E44-TTL-100 LoRa 915MHz SX1276 SX1278 Wireless Module Long Range UART 915 Mhz Transmitter and Receiver
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E44-TTL-100 is a 100mW wireless transceiver module with LoRa spread-spectrum technology,operates at 900~931MHz (Default: 915MHz), based on original imported RFIC SX1276 fromSEMTECH,transparent transmission is available, TTL level. The module adopts LoRa spread-spectrum technology,which means the transmitting distance is much longer than beforeules.




  • Model: E44-TTL-100
  • Interface: UART
  • Distance: 3000m
  • Frequency: 915MHz (900-931MHz)


Electrical parameter:


2Size21* 36mmWithout SMA
3Weight6.7gWith SMA
4Frequency Band915MHzFrequency range : 900~931MHz, Channel: 32
5PCB4-layerImpedance-matching, lead-free
6Connector1 * 7 * 2.54mmPlug-in
7Supply voltage2.1 ~ 5.5V DCNote: the voltage higher than 5.5V is forbidden
8Operation Range3000mClear and open area, 20dBm, antenna gain: 5dBi,height: 2m,air date rate: 2.4kbps
9Transmitting power20dBm4 optional level
10Air data rate2.4kbps6 optional level
11Standby current3.0uAM1=1, M0=1 ( Mode 3 )
12Transmitting current120mA at  20dBmThe proposed power supply current is not less than 300mA
13Receiving current14mAMode 0 or 1
14Communication interfaceUART8N1,8E1,8O1,Eight kinds of UART baud Rate, from 1200 to 115200 bps(Default: 9600)
15Driving modeUARTCan be configured to push-pull/high pull, open-drain
16Transmitting length512 bytes buffer58 bytes per package
17Receiving length512 bytes buffer58 bytes per package
18Address65536Easy for network, broadcast and fixed transmission
19WORAvailableMinimum average power consumption is about 30uA (applicable for battery powered applications)
20RSSINo supportBuilt-in intelligent processing
21Sensitivity-138dbm at 0.3kbpsSensitivity has nothing to with baud rate or delay time
22Antenna typeSMA-K50Ω impedance
23Operating temperature-40 ~ +85℃Industrial-grade
24Operating temperature10% ~ 90%No condensation
25Storage temperature-40 ~ +125℃Industrial-grade

Operating modes:



Mode(0-3)M1M0Mode introductionRemark
Mode 0
00Transparent transmission is on The receiver must work in mode 0 or mode 1
Mode 1
01act as transmitter,can be used to wake up the module works in mode 2The receiver can work in mode 0, mode 1 or mode 2.
Mode 2
10act as receiver,can be awakened by the module works in mode 1transmitting is not allowed in this mode
Mode 3
11Parameter setting 



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E44-TTL-100 LoRa 915MHz SX1276 SX1278 Wireless Module Long Range UART 915 Mhz Transmitter and Receiver

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