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Wireless & IoT

Buy Wireless modules and other Robotics and electronics components online in Hyderabad, India at affordable prices.

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2.4GHz 3dB SMA UFL Antenna

High quality adjustable angle antenna with integrated SMA connector. Designed for low power 2.4GHz t..

Rs. 212.40 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 180.00

433 MHz RF Module -Transmitter & Receiver Out Of Stock

433 MHz RF Module -Transmitter & Receiver

This hybrid transmitter module provides a complete RF transmitter and receiver module solution which..

Rs. 159.30 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 135.00

4CH IC 2262/2272 Key 315MHZ Wireless Remote Control Receiver module

This module use LC circuit design, include amplification and rectification, output data signal is de..

Rs. 413.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 350.00

868Mhz 915Mhz LoRa SX1276 UART Interface RF wireless module DRF1276DM

DRF1276DM is a type of long range low data rate data radio modem based on SX1276 from Semtech. DRF12..

Rs. 2,065.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 1,750.00

Antenna GSM- 2dBi Sticker

 Antenna GSM- 2DBI Sticker is a Quad-band antenna for embedded cellular devices.This antenna ..

Rs. 230.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 195.00

Antenna GSM-2dBi Magnetic (Spring)

This antenna is designed for GSM GPRS 900/1800mhz system of communication terminal system.The an..

Rs. 206.50 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 175.00

Arduino Uno with Wifi

Uno+WiFi R3 AtMega328p+NodeMSU ESP8266 8mb Memory USB-TTL CH340G Compatible for Arduino UNO is full ..

Rs. 885.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 750.00

BEE Adapter BTBee for XBee Module with FT232RL USB to Serial Converter

Bee Adapter is a compact USB to Serial adapter equipped with XBEE (20pin 2.0mm) socket. With integra..

Rs. 531.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 450.00

CC2500 2.4GHz Transceiver (SPI Interface)

CC2500 2.4GHz Transceiver module is built with Texas instrument's Chipcon IC ( CC2500 ) . It can..

Rs. 171.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 145.00

CSR8645 Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Audio Module Out Of Stock

CSR8645 Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Audio Module

This Module is based on Qualcomm's CSR8645 Bluetooth Audio Platform IC.The CSR8645/F3188 is ..

Rs. 767.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 650.00

D1 Mini Development Board

The development board is based on the WiFi-SoC ESP8266 and is made for fast Internet-of-Things (IoT)..

Rs. 365.80 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 310.00

E44-TTL-100 LoRa 915MHz SX1276 SX1278 Wireless Module Long Range UART 915 Mhz Transmitter and Receiver 2 - 3 Days

E44-TTL-100 LoRa 915MHz SX1276 SX1278 Wireless Module Long Range UART 915 Mhz Transmitter and Receiver

E44-TTL-100 is a 100mW wireless transceiver module with LoRa spread-spectrum technology,operates at ..

Rs. 2,301.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 1,950.00

ESP 12E Breakout Board

Breakout board for ESP 12ETired of soldering ESP8266 ESP-12 Modules on Zero PCB for your project? ..

Rs. 59.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 50.00


This ESP-12S WiFi module has core processor ESP8266 in smaller sizes of the module encapsulates Tens..

Rs. 295.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 250.00

ESP01- ESP8266 Serial WiFi Module

ESP8266 is a highly integrated chip designed for the needs of a new connected world. It offers a com..

Rs. 194.70 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 165.00