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0.56" 3.5-30 Volt 2 Wire DC Voltmeter - Digital

 Features:Display Type:Digital Only Operating Temperature:-10℃~65℃ Measuring Ran..

Rs. 295.00

Lipo Voltage Checker

2-8S Cell Checker with low voltage alarm features loud twin piezo alarms to notify you once your cel..

Rs. 195.00

Logic Analyzer 24MHz 8Ch Debug Tool

Sampling rate upto 24 MHz The logic for each channel sampling rate of 24M/s. General applications ar..

Rs. 750.00

Mastech Digital Multimeter-MAS830L

The meter is handheld Digital Multimeter for measuring DC and AC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, Di..

Rs. 495.00

Servo Tester

A smart little servo tester than can be used to test servo motor, ESC and also to determine motor di..

Rs. 135.00

USB Voltage Current Meter Charger Doctor Mobile Detector Battery Tester

 Features:It can measure the USB-powered devices  Easy to use and practical. ..

Rs. 145.00