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Buy Prototyping and other Robotics and discrete electronics components online in Hyderabad, India at affordable prices.

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3.3v Breadboard Power Supply

3.3v Breadboard Power Supply is compatable with standdard  Bread Boards but not compatable..

Rs. 95.00

5mm HeatShrink Tube-1Mtr

Generally used to bundle wires and very commonly used to seal electrical joints and prevent wire joi..

Rs. 20.00

BEST-168Z Magnifying Glass Stand with 2 Clips 2 - 3 Days

BEST-168Z Magnifying Glass Stand with 2 Clips

BEST-168Z Magnifying Glass Stand with 2 Croc clips is a convenient and useful tool for giving extra ..

Rs. 450.00

Breadboard - Standard

This breadboard can be used to prototype electronic circuits without soldering. It works great for c..

Rs. 95.00

Breadboard-Medium Size

Bread boad-Medium size consists of 500 connecting points. This is a cute half size breadboa..

Rs. 70.00

De-Soldering Pump

Used to de-solder the solder or to remove the solder from the object or components. De-soldering is ..

Rs. 120.00

Digital Multimeter

The DT830D Digital Multimeter is a very affordable and handy piece of test equipment. It features an..

Rs. 195.00

Digital Multimeter Probes Out Of Stock

Digital Multimeter Probes

Digital Multimeter Probes:Easy to connect with Digital multimeter Plug and play connector ..

Rs. 60.00

Electric Glue Gun

Electric Glue GunDescriptionHigh Temperature Glue Gun, potent yet portable enough for versatile ..

Rs. 195.00

GL-12 Breadboard -840 Tie Points

A breadboard (or protoboard) is usually a construction base for prototyping ..

Rs. 78.00

Glue stick

Glue sticks are solid adhesives in twist or push-up tubes. The user can apply glue by holding the op..

Rs. 15.00

IC Test Socket Adapter Conversion Adapter Block Burning Seat PLCC32 Turn DIP32

PLCC32 to DIP32 eprom Flash Program Adapter Socket for Universal Programmer ..

Rs. 140.00

Male to Female Jumper Wires - 40 pieces

Collection of Male to Female jumper wires- 40 PiecesHandy for making wire harnesses or jumpering b..

Rs. 80.00