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Brand: Seeed Studio
As an expansion board, Base Shield V2 has many Grove connectors, making it convenient for you to use Grove products together. And It is compatible with a series of Arduino products.   Features: Power Compatible: Every Grove connector has four wires, one of which is Vcc. However, not every mi..
Rs. 1,174.10
Ex Tax:Rs. 995.00
Grove - Button Grove - Button
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Seeed Studio
This new version of button twig contains one independent button, which are configured with pull-down resistor ? Ready for use with our microcontrollers as digital input. The button signals the SIG wire,NC is not used on this twig...
Rs. 230.10
Ex Tax:Rs. 195.00
Brand: Seeed Studio
This is a simple yet enjoyable twig to use. The piezo can be connected to digital outputs, and will emit a tone when the output is high. Alternatively it can be connected to an analog pulse-width modulation output to generate various tones and effects. For all Grove users (especially beginners), we ..
Rs. 218.30
Ex Tax:Rs. 185.00
Brand: Seeed Studio
As an updated version of Grove - Light Sensor 1.0, the Grove - Light Sensor v1.2 is also aimed at measuring light levels, however with higher reliability and sensibility. It is an analog module and output various electrical signals which can be converted to different ranges (It depends on the Analog..
Rs. 330.40
Ex Tax:Rs. 280.00
Grove - PIR Motion Sensor Grove - PIR Motion Sensor
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Seeed Studio
This is a simple to use PIR motion sensor with Grove compatible interface. Simply connect it to Stem shield and program it, when anyone moves in its detecting range, the sensor outputs HIGH on its SIG pin.The detecting range and response speed can be adjusted by 2 potentiometers soldered on its circ..
Rs. 885.00
Ex Tax:Rs. 750.00
Brand: Seeed Studio
The Relay is a digital normally open switch that controls a relay capable of switching much higher voltages and currents than your normal Arduino boards. When set to HIGH, the LED will light up and the relay will close allowing current to flow. The peak voltage capability is 250V at 10 amps. Please ..
Rs. 424.80
Ex Tax:Rs. 360.00
Brand: Seeed Studio
This is a simple touch sensor module. You can use it to replace a traditional push button. Using the TTP223-B touch detector IC It measures the capacitance of a metallic pad. It can detect the change in capacitance when a finger is near it. This is the same technology used in the iPhone touch screen..
Rs. 413.00
Ex Tax:Rs. 350.00
Grove Pi+ for Raspberry Pi Grove Pi+ for Raspberry Pi
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Seeed Studio
GrovePi+ is a system with 15 Grove 4-pin interfaces that brings Grove sensors to the Raspberry Pi. It is the newest version compatible with Raspberry model B/B+ and A+ perfectly. GrovePi+ is an easy-to-use and modular system for hardware hacking with the Raspberry Pi, no need for soldering or b..
Rs. 3,481.00
Ex Tax:Rs. 2,950.00
Grove Soil Moisture Sensor
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Seeed Studio
This Moisture Sensor can be used to detect the moisture of soil or judge if there is water around the sensor, let the plants in your garden reach out for human help. They can be very to use, just insert it into the soil and then read it. With help of this sensor, it will be realizable to make the pl..
Rs. 637.20
Ex Tax:Rs. 540.00
Grove Temperature and Humidity Sensor
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Seeed Studio
This temperature & humidity sensor provides a pre-calibrated digital output. A unique capacitive sensor element measures relative humidity and the temperature is measured by a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor. It has excellent reliability and long term stability. Please note tha..
Rs. 584.10
Ex Tax:Rs. 495.00
Raspberry Pi 2 Grove Pi+ Kit Raspberry Pi 2 Grove Pi+ Kit
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Seeed Studio
GrovePi+ connects your Raspberry Pi to the Grove Sensor System . The kit allows you to easily connect a variety of sensors to the Raspberry Pi.  Simply connect a cable from the GrovePi+ to your sensor, download our software examples, and your credit card sized computer enters the physical world..
Rs. 8,254.10
Ex Tax:Rs. 6,995.00
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