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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 2GB RAM
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Raspberry Pi
We're excited to share the launch announcement of Raspberry Pi 4 with a ton of new features, improved performance and upgrades. The Raspberry Pi 4 will be available to purchase Online in India at our Store shortly. Please use the above Notify button to indicate your interest and to subscribe f..
Rs. 4,250.00
Raspberry Pi Model  B+ Raspberry Pi Model  B+
Brand: Raspberry Pi
The NEW Raspberry Pi Model B+ is now available at PotentialLabs, Hyderabad india! The ultra-low-cost, deck-of-cards sized Linux computer has had a makeover, and it's a good one at that! The Raspberry Pi Model B+ incorporates a number of enhancements and new features including improved power con..
Rs. 2,495.00
Raspberry Pi Model 2B/ Model B+ Fogg ABS compact case
2 - 3 Days
Brand: Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Model 2B/ Model B+ Fogg ABS compact caseFeatures:   1) Fogg finish looks Looks.   2) High Quality ABS plastic used.   3) Suitable for RPi Model B+ and Model 2 ( 1 Gb version )   4) Access all the ports except gpio and camera/PCI slot   5..
Rs. 395.00
Raspberry Pi Zero Raspberry Pi Zero
Out Of Stock
Brand: Raspberry Pi
A newer version of the Raspberry Pi Zero W (with WiFi and Bluetooth) is now available. We've sold approx 50+ Pi Zero Kits to registered users in a FIFO approach as when they were made available to us (typically in batches of 20) which were importe..
Rs. 550.00
Raspberry Pi Zero W
Hot 2 - 3 Days
Brand: Raspberry Pi
If you're buying a Raspberry Pi for the first time, you may also want to include the following Accessories:   1. Micro SD Card with OS 2. 5V, 2A USB Power Adapter 3. USB OTG Cable 4. Mini HDMI to HDMI Adapter 5. 4 Port USB Hub 6. HDMI - HDMI Cable (optional) Please buy the above Acces..
Rs. 1,750.00
Brand: Raspberry Pi
Note: This kit does not contain the Pi Zero W itself and has to be purchased separately here.This is a starter kit and contains the essentials for getting started with the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Recommended to take this if you don't have the add-ons and are getting started off with the Raspberry Pi Ze..
Rs. 1,195.00
Raspberry Pi Zero with Adapters (USB and HDMI) Raspberry Pi Zero with Adapters (USB and HDMI)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Raspberry Pi
Update [18th May]: We've got a third batch of 20 Kits purchased from the dealer @ Rs. 1425 which we are re-selling at Rs. 1585. Only pre-registered users who have received a purchase invite email on/after 8th May, 2016 are eligible to buy only *one* Kit. If your email is not in the list of regis..
Rs. 1,585.00
Sense Hat - Raspberry Pi Hat Sense Hat - Raspberry Pi Hat
Brand: Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi Sense HAT is attached on top of the Raspberry Pi via the 40 GPIO pins. The Sense HAT has several integrated circuit based sensors that can be used for many different types of experiments, applications, and even games. Features Gyroscope – angular rate sensor: ±245/5..
Rs. 3,495.00
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