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Covid 19 DIY Products & Solutions Components and Accessories

Covid 19 DIY Products & Solutions Components and Accessories

Some Electronics Components & Accessories used in building products & solutions centered around Covid 19 prevention and sanitization.

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Arduino Uno - R3 (Latest Revision) - Made in Italy

Please be careful on other online websites while buying cheap Arduino Clones/Counterfeits. Though ..

Rs. 2,065.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 1,750.00

0.96" OLED Display

Fully compatible with Arduino, 51 Series, MSP430 Series, STM32 / 2, CSR IC, etc. Specificat..

Rs. 348.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 295.00

1/2" Electric Solenoid Valve Flow Switch - DC 12V - 250mA

1/2 inch DC 12V 250mA Electric Solenoid Valve Flow Switch Specifications :   ..

Rs. 442.50 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 375.00

12v-Peristaltic Pump

The pump is basically a geared down DC motor, so it has a lot of torque. Inside the pump is a 'c..

Rs. 1,239.00 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 1,050.00

2 Channel Relay Module - 5V - Active Low

This product is a 2-channel relay module board with LED indicators, It can be controlled by microcon..

Rs. 112.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 95.00

4 Channel Relay Module -5V -Active Low

4 Channel Relay Module board is used to interface any Microcontroller with Electrical Appliances/Loa..

Rs. 212.40 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 180.00

5Kg -Servo Motor

Futaba S3003 is a standard servo motor which is mostly used by hobbyist and electronics student in c..

Rs. 584.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 495.00

5V 1-Channel Relay Module

5V 1-Channel Relay Module for Arduino and Raspberry pi/B+/Pi 2Description: 5V 1-Channel Rela..

Rs. 88.50 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 75.00

5V 2Amps DC Power Adapter

5V Power Adapter for Beaglebone Black (BBB). ..

Rs. 289.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 245.00


Relay - 10A - 5V DC (RW-SH-106D)Basic Specs:5V DC 10A/24VDC 12A/120VAC 5A/250VAC Detailed..

Rs. 30.68 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 26.00

9V Battery Snap Connector with Power Plug

The 9V Battery Snap Connector with Power Plug is provides the ability to conveniently use a 9V batte..

Rs. 23.60 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 20.00

Arduino Nano (Clone)

Nano is an ultra-small Simple I/O platform base with open source code .Compared with the previous US..

Rs. 277.30 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 235.00

BH1750 Light Intensity Sensor

BH1750 light intensity sensor breakout board with a 16 bit AD converter built-in which can directly ..

Rs. 230.10 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 195.00

Breadboard-Medium Size

Bread boad-Medium size consists of 500 connecting points. This is a cute half size breadboa..

Rs. 82.60 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 70.00

DC Power Jack - Female Connector with 2 Pin Screw Terminal

DC Power Jack - Female Connector with 2 pin Screw TerminalIf you need to connect a DC power wall w..

Rs. 29.50 Exclusive of GST: Rs. 25.00