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8 Channel Relay Module

8 Channel Relay Board (5V) Use this 8 Channel Relay Module board to interface any Micro..

Rs. 320.00

8051 Microcontroller IC

8051 Microcontroller ICThe AT89S51 is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller wit..

Rs. 55.00

9V Battery -Hi-Watt

The most common form of nine-volt battery is commonly called the transistor battery.These were int..

Rs. 20.00

9V Battery Snap Connector with Power Plug

The 9V Battery Snap Connector with Power Plug is provides the ability to conveniently use a 9V batte..

Rs. 20.00

AC SCR Voltage Regulator - 220V 2000W - Speed Controller - Dimmer

 Specifications:Brand new and high quality. Connect this device with lamp or home applia..

Rs. 225.00

AD623AN - AD623 Single Supply Instrumentation Amplifier

The AD623 is an integrated, single- or dual-supply instrumentation amplifier that delivers rail-to-r..

Rs. 385.00


BC107 is an NPN bipolar planner low power transistor which is mainly designed for gen..

Rs. 18.00

BEE Adapter BTBee for XBee Module with FT232RL USB to Serial Converter

Bee Adapter is a compact USB to Serial adapter equipped with XBEE (20pin 2.0mm) socket. With integra..

Rs. 450.00

BEST-168Z Magnifying Glass Stand with 2 Clips

BEST-168Z Magnifying Glass Stand with 2 Croc clips is a convenient and useful tool for giving extra ..

Rs. 450.00


This piezo buzzer is 23mm in diameter and has 30mm spaced mount holes. Supplied with a 100mm lead it..

Rs. 20.00

Capacitors Box - Assorted

Collection of different types of capacitors4.7 pf, 10pf, 15pf, 22pf, 33pf, 56pf, 68pf, 82pf, 82pf, 1..

Rs. 39.00

Coin Cell Battery Holder - 20mm (PTH)

Basic 20mm coin cell holder. Posts can be inserted into 0.1" perf board! Holds the common CR203..

Rs. 10.00

DB9 Female Connector

DB9 Female Connector (Wire type) DescriptionThis is DB9 Female type connector with facili..

Rs. 12.00