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3.3V Zener Diode

This is a 3.3V Zener Diode 1/2 watt rating This is a complete series of 1/2 Watt Zener..

Rs. 8.00

3.3V/3W SMPS Module

HLK-PM03 from Hi Link is a isolated power supply module with input range of 100 volt to 240 volt AC ..

Rs. 295.00

3.3v/5Watt SMPS Module 2 - 3 Days

3.3v/5Watt SMPS Module

HLK-5M03 from Hi Link is a isolated power supply module with input range of 100 volt to 240 volt AC ..

Rs. 345.00

330K Resistor Package-0805

330K Resistor  Package-0805 (Pack of 10 Resistors)These are  0805 size SMD Resistor with..

Rs. 20.00

4 Channel Relay Module -5V -Active Low

4 Channel Relay Module board is used to interface any Microcontroller with Electrical Appliances/Loa..

Rs. 180.00


This is a Linear single turn rotary potentiometer with plastic shaft. This pot is suitable for panel..

Rs. 22.00

5V 1-Channel Relay Module

5V 1-Channel Relay Module for Arduino and Raspberry pi/B+/Pi 2Description: 5V 1-Channel Rela..

Rs. 75.00

5V 2Amps DC Power Adapter

5V Power Adapter for Beaglebone Black (BBB). ..

Rs. 195.00

5V 30Amps Optical Coupling Isolation Single Channel Relay Module with Optocoupler H/L Level Triger

Module Description: 30A relay module, normally open interface maximum load: AC 250V/30A, ..

Rs. 195.00

5V Low Level Solid State Relay Modules With Fuse Solid State Relay 250V2A

 Features:  OMRON 5V 240V solid state relay 2A output with resistance type ..

Rs. 250.00

5V/5W SMPS Module (Hi-Link)

5V/5W SMPS Module from Hi-Link is a PCB mounted plastic enclosed isolated switching step down power ..

Rs. 295.00

6 Amp Bridge Rectifier (BR68)

 BR68 is a Single Phase 6 Amp Bridge Rectifier. Its Reverse Voltage Rating is 800V and forwar..

Rs. 30.00

74HC595 Shift Register

74HC595 Shift RegisterThe datasheet refers to the 74HC595 as an "8-bit serial-in, serial or p..

Rs. 25.00

8 Pin - IC Base

Dip sockets for all your prototyping needs.  If you've ever had to de-solder a dip part fro..

Rs. 8.00

8051 Microcontroller IC

8051 Microcontroller ICThe AT89S51 is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller wit..

Rs. 55.00