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Red LED-SMD(1206 Package)

Red LED-SMD(1206 Package)
Red LED-SMD(1206 Package)
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Red LED-SMD(1206 Package) Pack of 10 Leds

This is Red SMD LED in 1206 package.

There are more and more hobbyists taking advantage of surface mount technology these days. With affordable tools like hot air and hotplate reflow ovens, electronics enthusiasts are shrinking their projects down to new levels of portability. Unfortunately, It’s not always easy to get your hands on small amounts of SMD parts so here’s a part that every project could use more of: tiny little LEDs.

That’s right, each pack includes 10 tiny red 1206 SMD LEDs in cut-tape packaging. These are great for status lights or for building really small LED matrices. Don’t expect them to be super bright, they’re basically the standard red LED that shows up on our LilyPad Micro LED boards, and are slightly larger than a 0603 SMD LED.



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