1.3" OLED Display
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OLED’s are the future of displays, as they possess some of the greatest advantages over both conventional display technologies of LCD’s and LED‘s.
The most attractive thing about using the OLED displays is that they do not need a back-light like conventional LCD/LED screens. The organic material itself has a property known as Electroluminescence (EL), which causes the material to “glow” when stimulated by a current or an electric field. Best energy saving displays ever!!!
This 1.3 Inch 128×64 OLED Display Screen Module offers 128×64 pixel resolution. They are featuring much less thickness than LCD displays with good brightness and also produce better and true colors. 
This OLED Display Module is very compact and will add a great ever user interface experience to your Arduino project. The connection of this display with Arduino is made through SPI interface.
The 1.3 Inch 128×64 OLED Display Screen Module produces blue text on black background with very good contrast when supplied with DC 2.8V supply. 

Pin discription:

OLED Display Module to Arduino

VDD: 3.3V (VCC).
MOSI: D11 (don’t change).
SCK: D13 (don’t change).
D/C: D8 (can be any digital pin).
RST: D9 (can be any digital pin).
CS: D10 (can be any digital pin)


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1.3" OLED Display

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