Out Of Stock GT-511C3 Fingerprint Module
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The GT-511C3 is a TTL fingerprint scanner and can be accessed by Raspberry Pi , Arduino or any other Microcontroller using just two wires viz Tx & Rx.GT-511C3 Fingerprint Scanner module has an on board optical sensor and a 32-bit CPU. It does most of the heavy work like reading  and identifying fingerprints. A simple set of commands have to be sent from your micro-controller and the Gt-511C3 fingerprint scanner does rest of the work. To get started, just register each fingerprint that you want to store by sending the corresponding command and pressing your finger against the reader three times. The fingerprint scanner can store different fingerprints and the database of prints can even be downloaded from the unit and distributed to other modules. As well as the fingerprint “template,” the analyzed version of the print, you can also retrieve the image of a fingerprint and even pull raw images from the optical sensor.


  • High-Speed, High-Accuracy Fingerprint Identification using the SmackFinger 3.0 Algorithm
  • Download Fingerprint Images from the Device
  • Read and Write Fingerprint Templates and Databases
  • Simple UART protocol (Default 9600 baud)
  • Capable of 1:1 Verification and 1:N Identification




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GT-511C3 Fingerprint Module

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