2 - 3 Days DC 12V-36V - Motor Speed Controller - Current Limiter Module - 1A-10A,
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Main Usage:CCMCP widely use to people DIY, hobby, scientic test, such as control computer Ipad fan speed, control bulb, control motro kymco, control xbox360, HHO Pluse Width modulator, Tes Equipment, industrial automation, speed regulator module board support PLC, motor electric pump fan speed control, PWM HHO RC controller,remote control toys, etc.




  • CCMCP Motor Speed Regulator controls the speed of a DC motor by adjusting Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM). 
  • Provide smooth variable speed capability for DC motor
  • Adjustable current limit. Current limit can be adjustable 1A to 10A.
  • Include Power-on LED and current-limit-protected alarm LED
  • The input supply voltage speed range is DC12V-36V
  • Duty Cycle adjustable range is 0%-100%.
  • Internal operating frequency is 21kHz.
  • Potentiometer cable length is 20cm



Operating instruction:



  • Connect your DC motor (or DC load) to the motor terminals as indicated on the wiring diagram.
  • Connect a voltage of 6V-28V DC to the circuit making sure of the correct polarity of the connection. Note that the voltage applied to the motor will be supply voltage applied to the circuit.
  • It is recommended to add an appropriately rated fuse in line with the positive supply in order to protect the circuit from any possible short circuits.
  • You can now control the speed of the motor through potentiometer. 
  • Positive inversion switch is used to control the motor speed direction. And the center position of positive inversion switch will cause the motor to stop.


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DC 12V-36V - Motor Speed Controller - Current Limiter Module - 1A-10A,

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